How can I get the best Lash extension Session?

Other Considerations to Make Your Appointment More Enjoyable

Dress for Comfort.

For appointments longer than an hour, you may want to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to lie down in a relaxed, non-restricted manner. Treatment room temperatures are usually constant, but it does not hurt to bring a light sweater just in case. Wearing comfortable clothes during your session can help optimize your special “me-time” and enhance your experience. Also, to prevent un- necessary discomfort, avoid wearing large dangling earrings or wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun.

Bring Soothing Music

Bring a headset and audio player so you can listen to music while the lashes are being applied. Although many eyelash extension customers fall asleep during the procedure, music can help enhance the relaxing experience provided by your La Lash and Beauty Bar Stylist.

Turn Your Cell Phone Off

Silence your cell phone before your eyelash extension session. While the lash extensions are being applied, your eyes need to remain closed. A ringing cell phone can be a distraction and trigger the urge to open your eyes unexpectedly.