About Your Experience 

Welcome to La Lash Academy! 

Lashes are much more than just a beauty technique, they are a beautiful form of art. Like any piece of art, the results come from professional instruction, knowledge of your materials and canvass, hands on training, and inspiration from those who came before you. During your time here in La Lash Academy you will learn to identify different structures and shapes of the eye,  along with conditions that may exist in or around your clients eyes and confidently recommend the best Lash Application Technique. You will come to understand the Lash Application process by learning about the anatomy of the natural Lash and what is needed to safely extend or lift the Lash and beautifully highlight the eye and skin. Students will gain an in depth knowledge of products used for Lash Removal and become highly skilled at disinfection techniques and protocols. Of course our favorite part of the academy… LASHES LASHES! You will learn about a variety of stunning lash styles, designs, and compositions. Learn from our Industry Leading Lashtititions and benefit from years of knowledge and beauty.

Your Academy Kit Includes 

 We Provide all our Lashtititions in Training with:

  • La Lash Starter Kit
  • Academy Training manual 
  • Expert Training one on one in our studio
  • Additional studio space should you require it. 

Lash Academy Training Process

Day 1

We find it best to get acquainted with your instructors and course material right away. Day one will see you and an instructor, one on one, for a detailed run through you Lash Academy Training Manuel. Then it’s time to jump right in!  All students are to bring in a model (family member, friend, neighbor) to the studio day 1 as well.  Working alongside an experienced instructor you will be receiving hands on training right away!

Moving Forward 

Now that you have got some basic practice, your instructor will continue to introduce the varying materials, styles and products that we discussed above to your practice time. Over the course of the next 2 weeks you will apply what you’re learning to 4 more models of your choice. Your models can be worked with at home and brought in for presentation and evaluation, or may be invited into the studio should you wish. Students will be evaluated by the procedures and standards set out in the Academy Manuel and will receive constructive feedback and continued training from your in class lash experts along the way. We encourage you to ask many questions, learn and enjoy your class time. 

Academy Graduation and Certificate

Finally, final exam and graduation day. Time to put all this new found knowledge and ability to work. You got this! Students will bring in a model and perform a Full Set Lash Application in the studio under the instructor’s supervision. By this time you will have all the skills and knowledge needed to understand the needs of your model, (client) and safely apply the best lash at the highest standard. Upon completion of all the steps in the process to the instructor’s approval you will receive your La Lash Academy Certificate. Congrats! 

We hope to see you in the next class

La Lash Academy Instructors

lash experts along the way. We encourage you to ask many questions, learn and enjoy your class time. 

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